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Winter is the name. Nephilim and baker extraordinaire. Happily married to my man who lives in the blue box.

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[[Hey all! Starting late today and going on through the thirty-first of this month I’m going to be gone on a vacation of sorts! My queue will still run but replies won’t come out until after I get back.]]

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"Yeah, actually, that’s me." 


"How did you um, know?"

"Oh! Right. I should’ve mentioned that first otherwise that’s kinda creepy." She gave Jane a little smile, one that’s slightly embarrassed. “‘M Winter…Jude’s mama."

dear current and future rp partners: i’m going to go days without replying to you, please don’t take it personally.

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"You’re Jane, right? C’mon in, darlin’."


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Andes Mint Grasshopper Cupcakes


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