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Winter is the name. Nephilim and baker extraordinaire. Happily married to my man who lives in the blue box.

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"Yeah, actually, that’s me." 


"How did you um, know?"

"Oh! Right. I should’ve mentioned that first otherwise that’s kinda creepy." She gave Jane a little smile, one that’s slightly embarrassed. “‘M Winter…Jude’s mama."

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"You’re Jane, right? C’mon in, darlin’."


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Andes Mint Grasshopper Cupcakes


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If Winter wasn’t a baker, she’d most likely be a teacher. There would be runes and sigils to encourage learning and safety withing the classroom.

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wininthetardis asked: Winter blinked a little when the other Nephilim curled up to her. "'S this your way of sayin' that you want some soup cause you don't feel good? I can't tell." 



 Dani just looks as innocent as humanly possible, which honestly is a little sketch since she’s only half that. “Well.. No.. I just like to cuddle.. Though, if you’ve got soup I wouldn’t say no to some.” cue the adorable smile that Dani uses when she wants something and can’t use her full and proper manners.

  “I feel older than I am most days.. Don’t know why, maybe it’s just the things I’ve seen, the stuff I’ve been through.” she smiles to herself unable to think about just who she sounds like. “All I ever do is run.” she whispers almost to herself.

  Her eyes seem to regain the focus they had lost only a moment before. Turning towards Win she nods slow. “I thought that too.. When they killed me my grace was unstable I literally exploded. I started the fire that destroyed my house, from what I learned I must have taken a few of them with me.” she wets her lips, feeling a knot of anxiety welling inside her. “I should be dead.. I know I should. For some reason though.. The angel of death brought me back. I can’t remember why, I’m sure there was a reason but my memory is shot. I can’t remember much or most of the people I probably knew. Anyone tied to the Doctor though? I remember you. I remember him like he’s the most important thing in my life. I.. I don’t know why either.. Why him? Is he the key to getting my memories back?” she closes her eyes, clearly at odds with herself mentally. She was confused and perhaps rightfully so.

"In my experience ‘s that stuff exactly that makes a body feel older than it really ‘s." She was quiet for a moment, expression softening even more while she continued to play with Dani’s hair. "Sounds a bit like someone else we know," Winter murmurs.

"For a long moment, she wasn’t sure of what she could say that would properly convey the shock that she was feeling at hearing Dani’s story. "To come back from all of that…’S no wonder things are a bit jumbled. Y-You were taken apart an’ put back together." The look of confusion slid back onto her features. "He’s outta normal time constrains. An’ usually the people that know him too are as well. That might have somethin’ to do with it."

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"The very occasional unwelcomed guest but I’ve always been able to handle them." Kill them with charm until one has to use force. That, too, as rather easy to achieve.

"Out of everyone I know, you’ve got a knack for gettin’ rid of unwanted guests that almost rivals poetry of sorts." A little over eloquent but it got the point across.