Baker Girl

Winter is the name. Nephilim and baker extraordinaire. Happily married to my man who lives in the blue box.

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You’re welcome.  *rolling his eyes* First of all, someone decided to be funny and take the burger, the bread, and the whole damn concept of the burger except the lettuce and put it all in one bowl. And there’s nothing wrong with that. *giggling a little from her kiss he gave her a kiss on the cheek and sighed contentedly* Me too..I just hope we don’t disappear for an actual month. Not that I would be complaining.

I know there’s nothin’ wrong with it. Just struck me funny to hear from you is all. Especially since you can eat the hell out of some burgers an’ completely avoid the salad. *Winter grinned against his lips as the kiss ended and moved to where she could wrap both of her arms around his waist* Technically we could fit a whole months worth of days into a week an’ no one would know but us.

Yes I can. And if you’d want me to, I’d eat a salad. *nuzzles her neck* a very good idea actually. *kisses her ear* Would you like to do that?

Nah…’M not goin’ to force you to change you’re eatin’ habits. ‘S not me. But if you want a salad I’ll make one for you an’ it’ll be delicious. *Shivering a bit she has to stop and think for a moment* Maybe? A-An’ I’ll have you know that ‘m havin’ to work really hard not to rile you up, Creeps.

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    It never ceases to amaze me just how well we work together. *She hums out an agreement and laughs softly as she saw him...
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    It does. And it works like a well oiled machine for the two of us. *humming into her skin, he nodded as she ran his...