Baker Girl

Winter is the name. Nephilim and baker extraordinaire. Happily married to my man who lives in the blue box.

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Yes I can. And if you’d want me to, I’d eat a salad. *nuzzles her neck* a very good idea actually. *kisses her ear* Would you like to do that?

Nah…’M not goin’ to force you to change you’re eatin’ habits. ‘S not me. But if you want a salad I’ll make one for you an’ it’ll be delicious. *Shivering a bit she has to stop and think for a moment* Maybe? A-An’ I’ll have you know that ‘m havin’ to work really hard not to rile you up, Creeps.

Euch…I’ll try one. See if I can somehow curb my dislike for them. *Grins crookedly and nods slowly* I figured, Winter. You look all tensed up.

But see I was goin’ to put grilled chicken in it an’ see if that helps you with the taste of it. That way there’s still meat but ‘s a tiny bit healthier. *She makes a face at him* I just didn’t want to just jump you after everythin’ that’s been goin’ on is all. 

Ooh, that sounds lovely. *gives her the innocent look and kisses her* I wouldn’t mind that. And since it’s been two days since the wedding, you’re kind of allowed to do it.

Well hopefully it will be. *She leans back and gives him an appraising look before he kisses her* That…is cheating. That face right there. *Kissing him gently and reaching up to cup his face* I want to. I do. But only if you do.

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    It never ceases to amaze me just how well we work together. *She hums out an agreement and laughs softly as she saw him...
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    It does. And it works like a well oiled machine for the two of us. *humming into her skin, he nodded as she ran his...