Baker Girl

Winter is the name. Nephilim and baker extraordinaire. Happily married to my man who lives in the blue box.

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No it wasn’t. It was me being absolutely innocent. And don’t worry, you’ll get back on it soon enough. *grinning back at her, he murmurs a “hi” back and kisses her* I’m mad about you too, Winter Mae Cardwell..

Well ‘m glad that ‘s mutual.*Tugging him down towards her, she kisses him slowly but with a little more force, murmuring terms of endearments to him as she does so. His shirt rides up a bit when she does that* I’ve missed this part of us. *Softly* S-Sounds silly, huh? To miss that?

*Smiling into her kisses, he shakes his head and peeks down to see his shirt on her ride up to reveal her soft skin.* No it isn’t. And if it is, then it’s typical of us. *nuzzling his nose against hers, he moved down to her neck and started to press light kisses on her skin*

Yeah it always seems like we’re missin’ each other in that way. *She doesn’t loose her smile as he gives her an eskimo kiss before drifting downwards. Winter sighs softly and hums a bit* It w-works for us though, in a strange way. The missin’ each other I mean. *Lightly running her fingers through his hair*

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    It never ceases to amaze me just how well we work together. *She hums out an agreement and laughs softly as she saw him...
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    It does. And it works like a well oiled machine for the two of us. *humming into her skin, he nodded as she ran his...